DATECH Social Responsibility Department

Enterprises are social economic organizations and part of the society. The society provides human resources, cultural resources and a stable and healthy environment for the development of enterprises, and promotes the development of enterprises. As a link between employees and society, enterprises come from the society and return benefits to the society. 


Since its establishment, DATECH-STARNET has always sticked to the principle of “Develop the company as well as return benefits to the society”, and actively carried out various types of team building and public welfare activities, making contributions to the development of society. In order to promote the company's corporate culture  and fulfill the social responsibility. Since May 2017, the chairman of the DATECH Trade Union took the lead, and established the “DATECH Social Responsibility Department”. On May 17, the first meeting of the “Social Responsibility Department” was held to determine the work responsibilities of the members of the department and to formulate relevant institutional requirements.

The members of the social responsibility department of DATECH are composed of managers or leaders of the company, in order to better conduct the social responsibility.

At the meeting, the person in charge of the Social Responsibility Department explained the importance of the Ministry of Social Responsibility to the enterprise. At the same time, it was clearly indicated that the requirements of the work of our department is not about work performance, but in the process of completing their own work, we promote the concept of social responsibility within the group, start from ourselves, caring about the small things around us, and be a caring person, promoting the development of cultural establishment and social welfare activities.


It is believed that under the leadership of the company's leadership team, the DATECH Social Responsibility Department continues to improve, and do a good job in all work, to create more healthy, civilized and harmonious working conditions for employees, with the best products and service to the customer and contributes to the society with practical actions.