Talent Strategy

With the expansion of business scope and scale, DATECH-STARNET follows the principle of “multi-channel, multi-types of talents, multi-method and multi-forms of training, and more care and encouragement to keep talents”. The company provides employees with a platform to achieve self-worth and promotes the mutual development of employees and enterprises.

1.Form a good working atmosphere and improve the physical and mental development of employees

From the perspective of employees, DATECH-STARNET provides employees with a healthy and civilized environment, creates a united and harmonious working atmosphere, and enhances the ability of assistance.

2.Establish a sound and scientific staff training system

Guided by the corporate vision, DATECH-STARNET made the training plan based on the pursuit of personal self-management and aims to maximize the development of individual potential and improve their work skills.

3. Optimize the salary and performance appraisal system

WIth the principle of reward and punishment, the company keeps improving the incentives distributed to employees. The employee's income is directly linked with work performance. The company activates employees' internal motivation and work enthusiasm, provide employees with a more fair and reasonalbe payment and rewards, and ensures employee income and business operation grow steadily.