Hand in Hand

In order to strengthen the establishment of the party branch of DATECH, enrich the organizational life of the party members of the branch, expand the horizons of party members. It was organized by the party branch of the DATECH Party branch and the Party branch of the Bank of China Kangqiao Branch on June 21, 2017, to launch the 'hand in hand' pairing ceremony. 

结对共建 携手同行

At the beginning of the ceremony, the secretaries from both sides introduced the situation of the branch, shared the experience of front-line organization establishment, and conducted deep exchanges on the guiding ideology, activities, and work requirements of the joint establishment. The two party secretaries said: It is hoped that through this activity, the two sides will take advantage of the strengths and do a good job in currnt job. They will go hand in hand, grow together, and move toward a higher level.

The party members of the DATECH Party Branch and the branch of the Bank of China Kangqiao Branch also expressed their views on the activities of the activities in the future, focusing on the ideological and organizational activities to promot each other and grow together.

After the warm applause, the two branches officially signed an agreement. It is believed that with the joint efforts, the front-line organization establishment will be carried out in a smooth progress, and enhance the vitality of front=line party members.