Respecting the elder people

In April 2016, under the organization of the Party Comprehensive Party Committee of the Free Trade Zone, the DATECH Party Branch actively participated in the actvity of “going into the community, respecting and loving the elder”.     


Volunteers made the dumplings for the elder people and took care of the elder people.

敬老爱老 关心孤寡老人

During the event, party members actively accompanied and took care of the elder people. Through the conversations, we learned that the elder people in this nursing home are mostly lonely or abandoned from families, and most of them are CCP members. They struggled for a revolutionary cause, but now they are alone. We should take the responsibility of society and try our best to return benefits to the society.

Through this activity, party members can understand that love for the elderly is not just a slogan. It requires everyone to do our part. We need to start from the daily life and take the lead in setting a model role. To keep the spirit of dedication and care go through in the society.

敬老爱老 关心孤寡老人