R & D and Manufacturing

CCSS (Central Chemical Supply System)

      Shanghai Yaheng Hanyang Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of the central chemical supply system (CCSS). As a safe supply of ultra-precision chemical substances, Hanyang CCSS products play a vital role in the semiconductor / display production process. Hanyang ENG's design technology can meet the flow of various chemicals in the process. Technology accumulation and actual verification of equipment at the job site have developed into the core technology of Hanyang ENG. By detecting and analyzing site installation conditions, process requirements, and the convenience and safety of users, Hanyang ENG provides a tailor-made excellent chemical supply system, with a reliable and efficient solution for the production equipment to supply, mix and recover ultra-high precision chemicals or slurries.


      Hanyang ENG successfully achieved the 'localization' of the Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS) in Korea for the first time, and applied ultra-precision chemical substance supply and blending functions to semiconductors, displays, and solar equipment through continuous research and development, Hanyang ENG's CCSS has become one of the world's first-class products. Being a leader in CCSS, Hanyang ENG has also successfully achieved the 'localization' of the Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS) for the first time, in addition to the 'localization' of ultra-high-purity pipeline engineering. CCSS is a device mainly responsible for the entire process of mixing, supplying, and exhausting ultra-precision chemicals. It is widely used in semiconductors, displays, solar energy and other fields. Hanyang ENG does not stop at the achievement of 'first domestic production'. Through continuous efforts to grow and develop the market, Hanyang ENG's CCSS equipment is not only popular in Korea, but also in the global market. Hanyang ENG strictly manages the entire process of design, manufacturing, inspection, and installation of CCSS equipment according to quality standards. CCSS equipment manufactured through a strict management system has played an indispensable and important role in the manufacturing process of semiconductors and display screens.

TCMS (Integrated Chemical Management System)

      Hanyang ENG's Total Chemical Management System (TCMS: Total Chemical Management System) provides comprehensive management services mainly applicable to semiconductor and display manufacturing engineering. Its service scope covers the storage, management, inspection, storage, the whole process of exhaust gas, etc. At the same time, based on CCSS operation and management experience, we provide the best service to meet the needs of each user, so that customers can focus on production and research and development, and maximize business efficiency. Hanyang ENG will not only provide the first successful 'localization' of CCSS, but also based on CCSS operation and management experience, will accelerate the pace of customer-centric development.