Consultation Service

Policy consultation

Provide consulting services such as industry and commerce, taxation, finance, customs, and foreign exchange. Timely introduction, analysis and interpretation of the latest policies implemented in each special regulatory area.

Investment consultation

Provide various types of corporate investment policy consultation and project feasibility analysis.

Provide all kinds of office buildings and warehouses that can be registered and used in the bonded area.

Agency eegistration, change filing and various pre- and post-approval and permit handling.

Agency business cancellation service.

Business operation support

Import and export commodities pre-categorized

Commodity inspection / quarantine consultation (cosmetics / food / alcohol / exemption C certificate / used mechanical and electrical imports, etc.).

Other license consulting services (Electrical and Mechanical Certificate / Heavy Industry Certificate / Standardization Certificate, etc.).

Special supervision area import and export project cooperation (bonded area / export processing area / logistics park / bonded port area, etc.).

Provide a variety of corporate administrative and fiscal affairs agency. It includes various types of annual inspections, distribution rights applications, license changes, financial subsidies, and foreign exchange payments under non-trade items.

Provide corporate trademark registration and intellectual property maintenance.

Labor export service project.

Policy coordination work with government, (for certificate, commodity inspection, etc.) internal management of the enterprise (invoice management project related to the tax bureau), and specific operational affairs (warehouse management work).

To handle the registration of the online platform of the SAFE (deferred payment, deferred collection, payment in advance, payment received in advance, etc.).

The setting up of the electronic port, the export tax rebate work, and the return of goods after the export.