About Us

Create a harmonious relationship and a win-win situation between the company and the employees.

People are the foundation of enterprise and the source of development. DATECH-STARNET insists on taking 'people-oriented' as the important concept and ideology. In the process of corporate culture establishment, we followed the CCP's leadership and united the strength of the Party, the government, workers, and CYL(Communist Youth League). Starting from the employee's needs, we strengthened the spiritual culture, institutional culture, material culture, etc., and truly realized attracting, retaining, and developing people, stimulated the creativity of employees, and ultimately met the needs of employees' self-realization value.

In the process of establishment of corporate culture, DATECH-STARNET has fully demonstrated the youthful vitality and energetic new generation power. From time to time, it organizes and carries out various forms of group activities in the company, so that employees can experience and enjoy both life and work, also promote mutual collaboration and communication among employees, and build a harmonious and friendly environment. The most important thing is to make the corporate culture more attractive and infiltrating, to help the employee to agree with the corporate culture, and to gradually form the values of the DATECH-STARNET characteristics that all employees observe and maintain.

Charity is the embodiment of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, an important part of a harmonious culture, and the main spiritual pillar for building a harmonious socialist society. DATECH-STARNET knows that the development of the company is inseparable from the society, and the return of the society is also the responsibility of the enterprise. Therefore, DATECH-STARNET combines the actual situation of the company, organizes employees to arrange work reasonably, carries out various forms of volunteer activities, assumes social responsibility, transmits love, and returns to society. Branches of DATECH-STARNET have actively participated in social welfare activities. Through these activities, the company creates more meaningful value for the society. It also embodies every employee of the company. We hope to root charity into everyone's heart and impact the society.

DATECH-STARNET has achieved remarkable results in its unremitting efforts in coordinating labor relations, building harmonious enterprises, and promoting the balanced development of enterprises and employees. By creating a harmonious labor relationship, the enthusiasm and creativity of the employees are stimulated, and the cohesiveness and comprehensive competitiveness of the company are enhanced. It is believed that under the leadership of the company's management team, DATECH-STARNET will continue to learn experience and  shortcoming, constantly improve, and do a good job in all work, to create more healthy, civilized and harmonious working environment for employees, with the best products and services return to customers and contribute to the society.