Fighting the COVID-19 Datech-Starnet is in action

In the beginning of 2020, a sudden new pneumonia suddenly spread across the country, making the 2020 Spring Festival silent and tense. With the rapid development of the epidemic, under the call and work deployment of the Party Central Committee and local governments, the people of the whole country have begun a tough battle against the epidemic and blocking the virus.

Prevention and control of the epidemic situation is the responsibility of the society and the enterprise. Datech-Starnet strictly complies with and implements national and local requirements and measures for joint prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia epidemics, establishes prevention and control teams, and formulates plans for corporate prevention and control of epidemics; through departments and social responsibility departments in enterprises, publicize the development of epidemic situation and prevention and control measures, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, raise the awareness of virus prevention and control among all employees, and promote social responsibility of all employees; pay close attention to the health of corporate employees, and make reports one day without false reports. Never hide reports.

The COVID-19 affects everyone's mind. Volunteers donated by the party members of Shanghai Yaheng Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. Party Branch to voluntarily contribute to Hubei's epidemic prevention and control and assist the country to overcome the difficulties.

抗击疫情 雅衡-九仓在行动

Free blood donation can save clinical patients' lives in emergency and emergency blood. The epidemic disrupted normal production and life, and also had a significant impact on the collection of blood donations. When the day of Lei Feng was approaching, Datech-Starnet warehouse employee Chen Peng stepped forward in an extraordinary period to take the initiative to participate in voluntary blood donation activities for love retrograde, not forgetting social responsibilities, and showing the Chinese nation's responsibility and feelings with blood.

抗击疫情 雅衡-九仓在行动

Virus have no emotion, but people do. In the fight against the epidemic, the state and government attached great importance and resolute responsibility to control the epidemic in a timely manner; the solidarity, dedication and self-discipline of the people were also demonstrated; companies actively fulfilled their social responsibilities, invested and contributed, and united all sectors of society to build an epidemic Control line. I believe that under the leadership of the state and the Party Central Committee and in accordance with the unified deployment, we will win the battle against this virus.