2019 branch conducts democratic review

Continuous democratic evaluation, regular criticism and self-criticism are necessary means to ensure the advanced and exemplary role of party members. Promoted by the theme education activity of 'Don't forget your original heart, keep in mind the mission', Yaheng Party Branch held a party member meeting on November 18th, combining the actual situation of political literacy, organizational life, and professional work of all party members in 2019. Carry out learning exchanges, conduct democratic evaluations, identify gaps, and make comments and suggestions on members of branches and committees.

First of all, the Sub-Committee reviewed the activities of the branch in 2019 and the educational activities on the theme of “Don't forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission”. This year's activities have increased the richness of form and content than before, but we still need to continue our efforts in terms of innovation and the maturity and thoroughness of planning activities. At the same time, the subcommittee also conceives future work and the innovation of carrying out party building activities, strengthens the management of details, continuously accumulates experience, sets the direction and standards for improvement, and requires the organization system and activities to be implemented to achieve practical results.

Secondly, the grass-roots party members from the business leaders and business backbones of each department made their own reviews from the participation of branch activities, the study time of ideological education, and the self-discipline of party members. They also combined party work with their own business work. We have made self-criticism of our own shortcomings, and proposed that all of our party members dare to accept criticism and give full play to advanced and exemplary roles in practical work.

Finally, the comrades of the party who were in charge of the company's management tasks analyzed their learning results and conducted self-criticism in conjunction with their own work. In this regard, comrade Hu Bin proposed: To continue to strengthen the study of political literacy, we must continue to standardize and plan business, strengthen management, and promote business under its jurisdiction to a higher level; comrade Zhang Xiaofeng criticized and led his own role Introspection, we also criticize the bad behaviors that have occurred in the company and the team, and propose that we 'do not forget the original intention when we joined the company', keep in mind the spirit of persistence and hard work, perseverance, keep making progress, and achieve our mission. Comrade Fang Yiwei, as an old party member, analyzed from her own personality, reflected on her own management method, and anxious for the development of the company. She proposed that herself and all personnel should strengthen theoretical learning and communication, listen more and think more; also make suggestions on the daily work of the company: hope our party members must actively play a vanguard and exemplary role, establish an advanced party group within the business, and rely on the party members to play the main role in the business, realize a gang-by-one collaboration model, understand their strengths, collaborate with each other, and avoid weaknesses.

During the growth of party members, criticism and self-criticism are the tools that spur us. We must also keep it normal and long-term. We have discovered, faced, criticized, and improved our shortcomings in order to shape better yourself. For party members, 'initial intention' is our belief in going forward, and 'mission' is our goal. Therefore, criticism and self-criticism should not be in the form, but should be carried out to the ground. We must dare to look directly at the mistakes and show the moment of identity. Strictly require ourselves, play a leading and exemplary role of party members based on positions, and jointly promote the healthy development of enterprises.