Recalling the past and fulfiling the dream

      As the economic center of China, Shanghai is China's main window to the world. Civilized and intelligent modernity has become her most distinctive symbol. We are in it, feeling the pace of her rapid development, seeing her eye-catching style, and being proud of her brilliant achievements, but can not imagine the suffering she has suffered and the hardships along the way.

忆往昔峥嵘岁月 望今朝圆梦中华

In 1949, China started a new era in the history. 1949 was also the most important year for liberation and new life. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Shanghai's liberation, under the organization of the Free Trade Zone Comprehensive Party Committee, the party branch of Shanghai DATECH Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. visited the theme exhibition “City Glory – Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Shanghai Liberation” on June 22.

The exhibition puts the four themes of “Emancipation of Shanghai”, “Building a New Shanghai”, “Dare to be the First in the World” and “The New Era of Dreaming” in the form of a timeline, and uses thousands of pictures to give us a comprehensive restoration. Understanding the years when Shanghai was released, it vividly shows the development of Shanghai since its liberation in the past 70 years. These old photos and old stories that have revived the vicissitudes of Shanghai have brought back memories of the old party members of our branch. They explained to us the old time, and help us recall the passionate years.

忆往昔峥嵘岁月 望今朝圆梦中华

The liberation of Shanghai was exchanged for the revolutionary ancestors with blood; the glory of Shanghai was created by thousands of heroes with sweat. Near the end of the exhibition, we saw a star-studded high wall showing the heroic martyrs and advanced models that have emerged from various fronts since the liberation of Shanghai. There were soldiers who squandered in the front line and scientists who have forgotten their sleep in the research room.  Volunteers were everywhere. It is they who persisted in their respective positions, silently shined, and jointly created Shanghai with their efforts.


On the occasion of the 98th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, we also took the opportunity to carry out a baptism of thought. Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping, we should be based on our own duties in the new era. We must not forget our original heart, remember our mission, inherit the spirit of struggle from the revolutionary ancestors, and work together to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.